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What’s Justice Mean?

What’s Justice Mean?


"What's Justice Mean?"

By Dearest Price
Copyright Agape Voice

Does justice mean calling out counterfeit bills?
Local merchants calling the police for what now should give them chills,
Does justice mean apprehending the suspect?
Even if you have to put a knee right in his neck,
Does justice mean the crowd seen it all?
White cocky cop couldn't see his own fall,
Does justice mean pull out your smart phones?
We can't save this Black man but we won't leave him alone,
Does justice mean we take to these streets?
Not giving a fuck about Target, even Wendy's gettin' heat.
Does justice mean cops going to jail?
Your own blue turned against you, a system that has failed,
Does justice mean it keeps happening again?
Cop killings at astronomical rates, this ain't working my friend,
Does justice mean the same week of the trial, officer says "taser, taser" but bullets still go in our child?
Does justice mean the defense tries to defame his name, talking about fentanyl is in his system is this really a game?
Does justice mean the jury finds him guilty?
Justice for Floyd naw this was for Emmett Till to me. The struggle continues . . .

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