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The Perfection of Imperfection - Why Are We So Devastated By The Death Of DMX?

The Perfection of Imperfection - Why Are We So Devastated By The Death Of DMX?


I’m devastated at the loss of DMX. As an educator for many years, in my 30’s I would walk into the classroom of High Schoolers and bang on my desk, “Ya’ll gonna make me loose my mind, up in here, up in here.” My students would continue in unison, “ya’ll gonna make me go all out, up in here, up in here”. Some would dance. Some would stand on chairs, while others created beats. Music was our ritual breaking the chains of academic deficiencies. It took all our imperfections and made perfection and that’s how I will always see “X”, the perfection of imperfection. 
He was my family as I saw him take our beloved Elder, Iyanla to the streets like family does, now realizing in his untimely demise, she was right. He was my brother, being we are only 2 years apart in age. Him being so young has me enraged. He was “bae”, as he called each of our names out in lyrics (Donna, Yolanda . . . ). He was humble, giving respect to Rakim, KRS1 and those that came before. He was a preacher, feeding us spiritual food that was absent from many churches. He was baby daddy, with a flock of kids, loving each one so. He was the epitome of the Black Man, poetic justice, satisfier of souls. 
He gave us permission to be aggressive, to scream, to call in the dogs. He made it alright to be vulnerable, telling us his first use of crack was at 14, laced by someone he loved. He was in the system yet he drew crowds of millions. Take a look at the Woodstock footage. He was a god in his own right giving all Glory and honor to God every chance he could. I’m devastated “X” is gone. He had more Jesus in him than most. We lost a good one. Rest in Paradise brother. One. 

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