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The Bricks Riddim EP Produced by King i Music 77 Star Rise



King-i (King i Music) Keeps it Positive with the Bricks Riddim, his debut Dancehall Riddim EP (77 Star Rise)

King-I aka King i Music wears multiple hats. He is one of today's most promising emerging artists,an upcoming producer, and not to mention myriad artistic talents.

King-i's dynamic and versatile style as a current reggae and dancehall artist and producer reflects his early roots in Trinidad and Tobago as well as the early influences of popular music that he listened to while growing up in the an urban US neighborhood.

King i Music appears on numerous riddim releases as well as his own single releases included in his discography - (www.kingimusic.com/discography.html).

For the last few years, he's been in the lab so to speak honing his excellent production skills to debut the Bricks Riddim, his first Riddim EP on his very own 77 Star Rise label.

King i Music describes his inspiration for the project as bringing about a positive side of dancehall."The mission of the Bricks Riddim EP is to show the people that you could be singing on a dancehall track; however, dancehall doesn't have to be slack all the time. Quite often when you hear dancehall it is connected to negativity.When I was growing up, a lot of the dancehall artists were not as negative as some are today. I wanted to carry on the tradition of a positive role model.Youths love dancehall - it has a powerful kick that makes young people dance. We as rasta people need some more positive messages in the dancehall genre and this is why I did this project."

The Bricks Riddim is a positive dancehall style riddim with three three songs featuring King-i's wife MoniKa with Top Shelf; King i Music with Not Perfect; and popular Trinidadian artist Khari Kill rounding out the EP with Too Loud.

Monika makes her mark on the riddim with the opening track and her debut single, Top Shelf.

It's relationship themed from a female's point of view, expounding upon the fact that relationships are complicated, questioning the reason for love.

King i Music hailing from Trinidad and Tobago is known for his creative and catchy lyrics coupled with a melodic chorus. His song, Not Perfect complements Top Shelf with a heart-felt response.

The real life song delivers a powerful message that everyone can relate to -No man or woman is perfect even in a love relationship.

King i Music sums up the inspiration for his song, Not Perfect. "It's exactly as the title says. It deals with real life relationships. I'm telling the Empress in the song that I'm not a perfect man.People don't realize that relationships are not perfect.Don't put me on a pedestal because I may disappoint you - I'm not a perfect man."

Fellow Trinidadian artist Khari Kill known for his break out hit Picture of Selassie I on his debut album along with several other chart-topping releases closes the EP with the a fun ganja themed song, Too Loud.

King i Music, MoniKa and Khari Kill all join forces each putting their own positive spin on real life situations, capturing the powerful and positive essence of the Bricks Riddim.

Bricks Riddim Track Listing:

1.MoniKa- Top Shelf

2.King-i (King i Music) - Not Perfect

3.Khari Kill- Too Loud

4.Bricks Riddim (Instrumental)

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