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Sis is that your man is back with a vengeance!!!

IMG_5146 have you ever had a love tug of war?

​Popular Facebook group, sis is that your man was created in October of 2017 by a good friend of mine. The basis of the group is for women to post pictures of their boyfriends, husbands, or sex buddies, to see if other women had any tea on them, or if they were even sleeping with them. While there have been  many versions of the group created in other cities, the NYC version which is where the group was established, has and always be the most entertaining one because whew an child!!! the men clapped back severely from all of the tea dishing and created their own group "is that your bitch?" which led to multiple men and young boys, to post nudes and even sex videos that they had collected from various women on social media. The gloves were off at that point!! the women had a huddle and the popped out with a DL group, which exposed men who slept with other men on the sneak tip, Baby daddies, uncles, brothers, and friends were all put on blast for the world to see with receipts such as pictures and screenshots!!! The original group got flagged numerous times, but has always managed to bounce back at some point. They have a sis is that your man for almost every city you can think of!! and they all have the tea piping hot!! child they went as far as posting the grandson of Mayor David Dinkins yall!! the man's grandson!!! they had some not so nice things to say about him!! he's definitely not following in his granddaddy's footsteps!! The group definitely has its pros and cons if you look at the bigger picture of it. These days in relationships, men and women are both not being honest with each other. The person you're into and spending your time with, can be leading a double and even a damn quadruple life talking to multiple people at one time. This group has been able to save some women a whole case of tears. On the flip side, a few women have gotten pissed at other women who have gave them the answers they were seeking. My thing is why get mad if you asked for the info?? you posted his picture so you had to know someone was going to say something. If you do decide to post your partner's picture, you have to be able to deal with what may come with it, especially posting in a group with over 10,000 members from one city you just have to hold your breath and hope he's an angel. I have seen multiple women swap tales on one particular picture and a few others!! I just didn't care for the women arguing with each other and going back and telling men they have been posted!! some women were even posting men that they never even slept with which is not the point of the group. I wouldn't care about someone I'm not sleeping with, if I'm going to post up anyone it would be someone I NEED to know these things about. But hey that's just my opinion!! it does make for great entertainment!! some of the ladies shared about the men were hilarious, from their  living situations, pending child support cases, even STD status!! they gave a complete and full rundown!! where as the men were just out for revenge!!! posting pictures of naked bodies and faces covered in jizz!!!n once again whew an child!!!! honeyyyyyyyy the tea was way too spicy!! fuck steamy!!! its ya girl Sandra with Sandra said it!! ill holla at yall next time loves!!

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