Lizza ❤️ Edmond

"I'm Here To Protect You."

By Dearest Price

Jacob was in love with Rachel and said, "I'll work for you seven years in return for your younger daughter Rachel." - Genesis 29:18

She looked like a baby doll, with beautiful curls and a round face to match. Her eyes were piercing brown and her coco complexion was nothing like her almost white siblings. And he was an old man of sorts, with a bad leg but their bond carved out 18 children and nearly 7 generations today. You see, Edmond was born into slavery yet carried a boldness like no other. He would speak up to any white man; a fearless man for his time. A self proclaimed preacher, building a home and working the land in Lamar, SC. While Lula was a young girl, who worked in the fields and didn't know much about the world. But she could read and this would be so beneficial to Edmond's ministry. Lula had actually hoped to settle down for just security during a hostile and oppressive time. She feared the Klan and although she could take a shot better than any man, Edmond would end up protecting her from all that. She was not really interested in him at first but wanted to live in a house and have some fine things.

Well, when Edmond first spotted Lula, fondly called Lizzie, she couldn't have been older than 12 or 13. He was taken back by her beauty and youthfulness and decided that she was the one; the one to give him a big family, the one to help build one of the first "colored" churches in Lamar, the one to be the apple of his eye because she was just so pretty. There was no time to be falling in love. There were no moments of resistance. Lizzie was truly special.

"Lizzie, you gonna be my wife?"


"Yes, wife."

"You old enough to be my pappy Edmond."

Edmond let out his loud infectious laugh and responded, "Well that's what I'm gonna be then."

He passed her a little box and what was in it would astonish her.

"Well gone and open it."

"What is it?"

In the box she saw two of the most beautiful gold earrings. They were small but perfect for her.

"Oh, my . . . I aint never had no earrings before. My ears ain't got no holes."

"You and your sisters will handle that and I will take you off with me tomorrow."

"Take me off where? I aint never been out of Society Hill."

"I'm taking you to a little town called Lamar. Gonna build us a house on some land."

Well from that moment she was taken off her feet to be a Queen of the house and she became well respected and revered in the small town. Lizzie even fell in love with old Edmond because he treated her better than anyone on the planet. She didn't work the field but watched from the porch as she taught all 18 of her children how to read and write. She didn't realize she was developing generations of school teachers, doctors and business owners to name a few. It's been told she had a comedic sense of humor and everyone adored her, especially Edmond.

Edmond provided his beloved with the finest of things yet didn't speak about love, he just knew it. Many years went by where the two were the staple of couples. Unfortunately Lizzie would be youthful forever dying before Edmond and her children of typhoid fever. And Edmond, well he was lost without his beloved and never replaced her spot, calling her his forever Rachel. 

Marie ❤️ Duncan

"Fix My Plate."

By Dearest Price

For the promise, that he should be the heir of the world, was not to Abraham, or to his seed, through the law, but through the righteousness of faith. - Genesis 29:18

Duncan owned at least 107 acres of land and was a farmer for as long as anyone had known. His land was the great pride of the family being one of the few to have gained that 40 plus acres and a mule. He grew up with Marie, a Peoples, but never looked at her as anything but a friend. She was a strong, disciplined woman that came from a good family. She could run a farm, cook like a chef and had a solid head on her shoulders. She was very petite but didn't let that hold her back. Most of all she was God fearing and that was just the type of woman Duncan needed. Duncan was not a sharecropper but a land owner. He ran his farm which was rare for the times. The two married in 1920, in Lee County, South Carolina, raising 13 children.

Unfortunately Duncan could not get rid of his "monkey" for drinking which rubbed many the wrong way. He would be seen walking down the road, picking fruit from every bush, until he made it home to his sweet Marie from a late night.

Although many didn't understand their dedication for one another, Marie always put Duncan first. And she never disparaged him for what we know now to be an addiction.

"Marie, where's my plate?"

"It's right up here Duncan. The children's food is getting cold waiting for you to get yours."

As all 13 children would line up to get their meal, regardless, Marie would make the first plate for her beloved husband. She never allowed Duncan to be looked down upon. He remained the head of that household until his untimely murder from a robbery yet Marie's love for her husband saw him through losing the land, a child dying, and a house burned down. Marie kept his crown straight until the very end and never stopped fixin' his plate. 

Alma ❤️ Charlie

Where's My Tie?

By Dearest Price

"Alma, where's my socks. I can't find none to match."

"Charlie, you just ain't looking. I laid it right on the bed with your pants."

Alma, I don't see it."

"You just ain't looking Charlie."

"Oh, oh, I see them but these ain't black Alma. My suit is black."

Charlie frantically looked with one unnoticeably blue sock on, while the other foot walked bare. Pulling dozens of unmatched socks from the dresser drawer, Charlie, a member of the choir didn't want to be late. This was the banter each Sunday morning as the couple tried to get out for church before 11:00 am.

"Alma, where's my cufflinks?"

"On the dresser Charlie. The same place it was last Sunday."

Alma would come into the room to assist not having any problem finding what Charlie scurried around for. The moment she would begin another task he would start right up again.

"Alma my shirt got a stain on it. How it get a stain?"

"I don't know Charlie. Looks like I can get that out."

Grabbing the piece, Alma quickly went to scrubbing the spot. Charlie stood in his usual t-shirt, boxers and long black socks as if he couldn't do anything else.

"Charlie if your head wasn't connected to your neck you would find a way to loose that too."

"Alma don't start."

Charlie was born in Lynches River, an orphan. He met the quiet and shy Alma walking with her sisters one day. Alma was not at all interested in Charlie but being the oldest of 13 she did not ignore Charlie's passes. You see, it was "well passed time" for her to find someone. The two were married and had 6 children. They worked as sharecroppers for many years. Yet never stayed in one place, as the impatient Charlie would be ready to move at any offense. But both were hardworking and loving, giving all they had to family.

"So we ready. Let me grab my purse. The children are all outside."


"Yes Charlie?"

"Where's my tie?"

Alma pulled the black and white striped tie from under her purse. Charlie smiled at her affectionately, placed on his hat and held out his arm to serenade her to church.

Barbara ❤️ Alvin

"Love in the 1st Grade"

By Amber Bowman

My grandparents met in the second grade at Stanton Elementary School. It was a small school located in the heart of Annapolis, in the prime of segregation. Although they were Black kids living in a time when being Black was looked down upon, they felt like they had bigger problems to handle. As a little girl, my grandmother felt her greatest struggle was her hair. She was so beautiful with flawless skin and locks that draped to her shoulders, but the volume could not compare to the length. So she hated her hair and what made matters worse was her mother would never let her style it herself. For a child growing up in the 50's this was major. Now my grandfather, on the other hand, was built with confidence. Alvin Bowman was the youngest of four and raised by his adoring mother and grandmother. He strived for excellence and to impress my grandmother, Barbara Bias. He saw what we all see in her today from a young age and this would be his greatest task. My grandfather was a born genius and by 8 years old his mind was ahead of his time, pursuing the girl of his dreams. He had one shot at impressing Barb and he was not going to fail.

So in class one day, he leaned forward, sticking his tongue out with pristine focus and a long grin on his face. He reached out his sweaty palms out and grabbed the end of her pigtail. This made my dear grandmother annoyed being that she was so studious.

Rutha ❤️ Rob


Our Forever Life

By Rutha Aaron

I can remember seeing him in the hall at Spaulding Elementary/High School. I didn't truly notice him until my friend Ann said, "I think he likes you." I chuckle at the thought, as I can picture us sneaking a look at him and laughing as young girls do. It was the 1960's, many moons ago. He was my first crush and that's when our forever life started together. Rob was so loud. He commanded any space he was in, always joking and having fun. I was more reserved, not a city girl at all. He was a basketball star and I just loved to watch him play. We went to the prom together which was our first actual date yet went separate ways for three years after graduating school. But he sent me letters while serving in the military. It wasn't until we reconnected in NJ that we realized our love. I discovered he was the most loving man but had a hard time opening up and trusting. He saw a loyal and dedicated woman in me. We worked through all the rough points, coming to a place of love and happiness. And the hard times brought us closer together. Rob and I loved each other to the very end, raising two wonderful daughters.

During one of our last deep conversations, he said, "I hope our girls will find the love we have . . . a love that never ends."

Jill ❤️ Sean

Dwayne ❤️ Sloan

Ukeme ❤️ Jonathan

Adrienne ❤️ Eric

Cynthia ❤️ Christoper

Tiffany ❤️ Ronald

Yolanda ❤️ Anthony

April ❤️ Clayton

Ada ❤️ Corey

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