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New Artist: Tango Slime


 Southside Jamaica Queens is notorious for two things, a very high crime rate and producing some of Hip-Hop's greatest acts such as 50 cent, the G-Unit and the legendary Abstract, Q-Tip. Welcome it's newest addition…Tango Slime.

Tango Slime was born in South Jamaica Houses aka 40 Projects. He grew up listening to these game-changing artists and knew he wanted a career in the music business.  At only three years old he began learning how to maneuver turntables and over time flourished into an emcee.

Tango's sound, influenced by 50 cent, Fabolous and Drake, blends witty lyricism with melodic rap and pop. A style he says only he can pull off. When he's not writing music for himself he's developing his engineering and producing skills.

For the past two years Tango has been working on his upcoming EP, "Everything Sticky", and is now ready to share the finished project with the world. The lead single, "Stick Drip", is a perfect glimpse of what to expect.

Tango prides himself on being an artist who creates music for all fan bases. "My goal is to be accepted by all genres and not be labeled by one sound. I write, rap, make beats and even create the cover art for my songs."

And Tango Slime is just getting started. It's going to be exciting to watch this young man's growth as an emcee, engineer and new father to his beautiful one year old daughter. Please check out his new music on SoundCloud!

Social Media Contacts:
SoundCloud: Tango Slime
FaceBook: Tango Slime
Instagram: Tango_Slime
Snap Chat: Tango8bm

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