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Media's Biased Reporting of Florence, SC Shooter


​      My condolences to the family of Officer Terrence Carraway who was killed in the line of duty, and sending healing vibrations to the wounded officers and their families. I find it my duty to report mass media biased reporting of this incident, the shooter's name was only mentioned once and ethnicity with held. I've repeatedly put Fred Hopkins name in different search engines to get a mugshot.. Instead I can only find family portraits, of this disgraced divorce lawyer that was disbarred in 1984 for claiming to be a victim of Agent Orange. Fred Hopkins 74 year old WHITE MALE of Florence, SC, a firm advocate of the second amendment with facebook post boasting of training with the very rifle the officers were shot with. It is said by Fred Hopkins himself that he served in Vietnam and having his rifle fitted like the one he used then. Whether this is to be true or not it shows he is trained,  and warrants show police were not after him. There was no reason for him to even think of his rifle upon seeing police approaching the property, but he did any way and expressed his second amendment right to the deadliest of its meaning of baring arms against officers of color.

     With media reporting today I wonder if you could have received this much information about a man we know if he were black reporting would be a whole lot different. The black man would be labeled a cop killer with no hesitation. This media representation allows him to use the defense that he saw "black people with guns approaching the property". These officers of color will not be known as officers but "black people with guns". This is the distortion of media misrepresentation of facts to the public to alter their opinions and court jury swaying tactic. We here at Blacklinenews.com is here to help with media distortion of facts and public swaying tactics. Stay tuned for more update........

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