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Jay-Z Calls Chris Martin A “Modern Day Shakespeare”

Jay-Z Calls Chris Martin A “Modern Day Shakespeare”


Is Jay-Z breaking Biggie’s 4th Crack Commandment? In a recent interview with UK’s Metro News the Hip-Hop mogul called Coldplay’s Chris Martin a “modern day Shakespeare.”

Wait, what?! Far be it for us to judge anyone based on their musical preference but comparing a man to a poet that many regard as the greatest writer in the English language seems a little much.

We probably shouldn’t be too surprised though as Jigga and Martin have been kicking it for more than a decade now.

Said Hova, “We are good friends — but what I got to say has nothing to do with our friendship… I have been in the industry long enough to know when I’m in the presence of a genius… and Chris Martin is just that… In years to come, Britain will look back at him as a modern day Shakespeare.”

That’s extremely high praise coming from a man who was recently inducted by Barack Obama into the Songwriter Hall Of Fame.

Maybe Jay’s just making the English connection between Shakespeare and Chris Martin or maybe he really does feel that Martin is that damn poetic, either way he wants people to know that, “He is an incredible recording artist, an incredible songwriter, but where he really comes alive is performing live. If you get the chance to see Coldplay live, do it — you ain’t gonna regret it.”

Some Hip-Hoppers will just have to take Jay’s word for it.

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