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I thought I knew everything about vaginas until now...


​Hey yall!! it's ya girl Sandra Bee back with a little story time if you will for you guys. grab some popcorn and a drink... this one is tea!! ok so a few months back I did an episode on my podcast titled sex lies and BORIC ACID to shed some light, on a super secret beauty secret that I have NEVER ever heard of in all of my black natural days!! honey!! ok let me get into the story and what I'm chatting about in the first place. Sometime about 8 or so years ago, I was sitting on my couch just relaxing, puffing a little erb. The way I was seated on the couch, I had one leg propped up, foot planted on the sofa  just chilling. All of a sudden I caught this faint whiff of raw biscuit dough, which caught me completely off fucking guard!!! I was sitting there smelling the air, then smelling my blunt to make sure I wasn't smoking something I didn't order. Child it was so wicked I had to put the blunt out so I could smell my surroundings and see wtf was really good. I did a hand to crotch test and low and muthafuckin behold!!! t'was me!!! not I! not twinkle twinkle lil puss herself? can't be!!! at this point, I had never had anything crazy or simple not a damn yeast infection so I wasn't sure wtf was going on. I just felt like hey maybe I should start putting my affairs in order because this isn't looking too good!! who knows what it could be!!. So me not wanting a legitimate death sentence, I damn near broke my thumbs pulling up to the google clinic, and typing in my symptoms. everything that I had described had gave me yeast infection results, so I was ok cool so I'm not dying and I don't have to kill anyone so how do I kill this shit TODAY? huntyssssssssssss I was looking and scrolling for clues and cures, and I saw someone say put garlic in your cooch overnight and let it marinate, and I was like ummmm hell no!!! that's not a go. I saw plain yogurt, and didn't have any on hand, nor did I like the sound of it. Child I kept damn scrolling and came across a forum with women speaking the praises of putting drum roll...… wait for it..... BORIC ACID!!! inside of their vaginas, to cure common female infections, like Bacterial Vaginosis, UTI's and yeast infections!!! can yall believe that shit? some damn roach poisoning up the crotch keeps the kitty top notch!!! I have never in the fifth of ever, heard some foolishness like this so I had to investigate a bit further like hold on?? let me google this shit separately, they may be talking about two different types of boric acid who knows??? hell no!! its the same shit you use to take out roaches!!! like what are yall fucking thinking? I immediately took my black ass tot he doctor, because I refused to put some bug killer up my ass to cure some shit like that!!! I was baffled as fuck, these women in this thread were like " yes I put two capsules up there twice a day for seven days and my man cant stop eating me out" well bitch I bet if he know he was eating some poison his ass would stop!! they were talking about getting their 30 day supplies of this shit and living their best damn lives!! have you guys heard of this shit??? I'm going to post the podcast episode in the comments for those who want to check it out. comment below and let me know if you guys have heard of this shit yo. Fellas its like damn when you pull up to a chick's crib, and you see boric acid you have to wonder wth she's using it for. Now keep in mind it has to be inserted vaginally in order to work, so they use these veggie capsules that dissolve once the hit warmth and moisture. The bottle says you cant take it while pregnant or nursing, and that its sure to clear everything away in a matter of days!!! I even went on amazon a few month back when I did the podcast episode on this, to purchase a bottle of the bills which I have returned since then. lol I was for promo purposes only!! I love my life!!! you guys check back with me and let me know your thoughts on this!!! until next time loves!!! Here is the podcast episode!! 


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