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In the Music world, Kevin Jerome Gilyard, the Rapper, Singer and Entrepreneur, known now as Kevin Gates. Almost got the top spot, but Rihanna got to it first. Kevin Gates will be there soon, as he has been rising, due to the fact that he has a lot of supporters who buy his music, he is the most popular streaming artiste in the South right now.

Check out his top track


Drake, Tyga and Lil Wayne are now signed with 'Young Money'. And Lil Wayne sampled the 'Beatles' song on one of his tracks. But you need to hear 'Fuse' Drakes latest Album, the songs on it are great.

 The Top 10 Hip Hop/ R&B

 1.Ty Dolla Sign - Campaign FT Future 

The first single for the Summer



2. Party Next Door and Jeremih



PartyNextDoor and Jeremih confirms the partnership with a new Murda Beatz-produced track, 'Like Dat,' featuring Lil Wayne

 3. Dj Esco- 100it Racks ft. Drake, 2 Ft Chainz & Future



 4. DJ Drama - Boyz in The Hood ft. Meek Mill, Pusha T & Ty Dolla Sign



Some of the Lyrics:


Sorry your honor if I was too arrogant, that money was staggering
They locked me PC with them trannies and rats, man that shit was embarrassing
Twenty-three hours in cell by myself, man you couldn't imagine it
They fed me some shit I won't feed to my dog, man that shit was the nastiest


5. Kent Jones - Don't Mind (Remix) ft. Pitbull & Lil Wayne



Lyrics for a part of the Song:

I'm a savage, I'm a beast, I have sex on the beach

And my ho speak foreign, and my plug speak foreign
I pull up in something foreign, my bitch light orange
I'm rockin' Ralph Lauren and some Chucks like Norris
And these other ducks boring, and my bucks foreign
Codeine in my urine so I'm snoring and ignoring
When she telling me this


6.Kid Ink - Lamborghini Dreamin' ft. Verse Simmonds 



 7. Wiz Khalifa - Mismatch (Remix) ft. Juju Gotti

 Wiz Khalilifa is also known as Cameron Jibril Thomaz, an American Rapper, song writer and actor. He was signed to Warner Bros. Records in 2007. After he had released his debut album "Show and Prove"



 8. Chris Brown, Wiz Kid, Hoody Baby & Section Boyz - Shabba

This track features Wiz Kid from Nigeria, Dallas Rapper Hoody Baby, and London crew, "Section Boyz"



9. Jamila Woods - LSD FT. Chance The Rapper



Jamila is working on her own project, but she managed to add her voice to this track, she made it come together in a great way.

 10. The Americanos - I’m My Foreign ft. Ty Dolla Sign, French Montana & Lil Yachty



A track that is full of energy and vibes , as Lil Yachty the American Hip Hop Recording Artiste, brings new energy to the music. People like him because he decided to be different, and he just would not change until he was accepted. With his red hair and beads, he has worked his way in the music business and now he is famous.  


DJ Khaled Stalks Jay Z for A Year?


It is said that DJ Khaled only wanted a verse from Jay Z and he decided to use a tactic that his daughter used whenever she wants Ice Cream. So he didn't actually stalk Jay Z, but he found a way to be close to Jay Z as often as he could, and he kept on asking for what he wanted. Which was a verse for "I Got the Keys". There were a lot of persons wondering what DJ Khaled was good at. As his name was found on so many albums and he is not a producer, he doesn't rap and the only thing he was known for was the ab-lib that he does sometimes. So now there has been an end to mystery. DJ Khaled will be collaborating with Jay Z.


So now it is said that DJ Khaled is like a great salesman, he is good at convincing persons to do what he wants them to do. It doesn't matter how long it takes, he does what he needs to do, so he can get what he wants.



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