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Featured Business: Natural Noire Handcrafted Skincare


(Pictured Left to Right: Dominique and Cici, Owners)

Hey everyone! 

We are the owners of NaturalNoire and we want you to live each day confidently, with clear, glowing skin. 

NaturalNoire is a health and beauty line that specializes in holistic skincare. We decided to collaborate on this venture because we believe in the power of plants, herbs and pure essential oils and know how important it is to use natural ingredients that can improve appearance as well as heal the body.

At NaturalNoire, it is important to us that our products encourage overall wellness so we are dedicated to locating and utilizing pure, natural ingredients for all of our creations. Everything you and I need for a healthy, beautiful life is surrounding us and that's something we should really take full advantage of. We find that herbs, plants and pure essential oils are just as effective and therapeutic without the toxic side effects that come along with more commonly known brands.

Pictured: Natural Noire Products)

Many of the products currently on the market today promote fast results using harmful chemicals that are absorbed into the body. Everyday these chemicals are being reported to cause hormone imbalance, cancer, infertility amongst other horrifying illnesses. The more we investigate, the more we learn that moving towards a plant-based life creates a space of healing and vitality for our bodies. 

We offer a variety of products which you can find on our website, www.NaturalNoire.co. Our prices currently range from $3 to $40 with many items positioned in-between. We're pleased to announce that our top seller this month is our Strengthening Beard Butter but our catalog also includes Moisturizers, Herbal Teas, Lip Balms, Massage Oils, Linen Sprays, Bath Bombs, Body Scrubs and more. We know that skincare is not a one size fits all design so you're also welcome to email us for a 1-on-1 consultation, from there we can create a customized item that fits your individual needs. 

NaturalNoire was inspired by our everyday lives. We love what we do and we're thrilled that we're able to offer a skin and body care solution that supports your vibrant lifestyle. For many years, we've created natural products to care for our hair, body and skin. We are excited about sharing our products with you!

 (Pictured: NaturalNoire Display at the Livication Reggae Festival, Miami Florida) 

Wishing you the best on your wellness journey. -NaturalNoire Team 

Website: www.NaturalNoire.co

Instagram: @NaturalNoire_ 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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