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Fashion designer JUSTIN SAMPO is the founder and owner of C'NICKEL, a high-end men's wear and accessory line.

After graduating from ESMOD professional school of fashion in Europe JUSTIN decided to use his talents to start his own fashion line.

C'NICKEL is produced in Turkey, handmade in Norway and inspired by the chivalry and tradition of medieval Europe.

The brand's exclusive style is the perfect combo of casual/classic and chic/relaxed.  Its pieces are made of leather and other high-end materials.

This exclusive line embodies strength, character and sensuality.  The unique fit and designs of C'NICKEL wowed designers and patrons at Jargo Fashion Week in Europe and are quickly gaining popularity in the United States. 

Instagram:  @cnickel_by_justin_sampo
Twitter:  @JustinSampo

FaceBook:  JustinSampo

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