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Notorious Rockboy Gz Release New Single “Gz Up” Produced by Legendary D/R Period with Rockboy Records x Whatevaok x Sony Entertainment


 When it comes to music Rockboy Gz is pound for pound a knockout group. When it comes to Hip Hop, Rockboy Gz is known across the U.S. as a powerful, and hardcore entity that spreads unity rolling deep with their "Gz Up"!

Their latest single "Gz Up" is produced by legendary producer D/R Period and Rockboy Records/Whatevaok/Sony Entertainment. "Gz Up" is not your typical group anthem with a crowd of fans screaming and chanting the chorus. The single defines Rockboy Gz and what they stand for as men, brothers, and artists in the music industry.

"Im a keep thuggin til' the Lord come and get me…" -Rockboy Gz

A true Hip Hop head who understands the culture will read into such lyrics and not only comprehend but identify with them. Living in the fast lane with middle fingers up and their "name ringing out on the block" equates to; they made it! With their rigorous heavy hitting beats and unsympathetic gritty lyrics, Rockboy Gz will not be silenced as long as "Gz Up"!

Rockboy Gz "Gz Up" produced by D/R Period with Rockboy Records/Whatevaok/Sony Entertainment

Rockboy Records

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