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HOSNY BRONX is a singer, composer and author. He's preparing the international release of his 5th Album.He plays all instruments and sings lead and backing vocals in these new tracks. He makes the arrangementsand the production. He's an incredible artist!Hosny Bronx's new album is mixed and mastered between Kingston, Jamaica, New York City (The MasteringPalace)London andParis.Hosny Bronx works with the best in the world.The new album will be soonavailable on all the platforms.

Today, he releases new tracks for his international promotion:"Every People" mixed in Jamaica by ErrolBrown, Bob Marley's engineer (Survival, Uprising, Confrontation albums), "We Are" mixed by Daniel Boyle(Grammy nominated) in London, "Free Child"(available on ITunes & Amazon Music), "Come with us", "NewMoment", "Strong Life", "So Alone".

His new track "Dance as a Lion" is mixed and mastered in Kingston, Jamaica by Mario "Syantis" Lawrenceat the recording studio of Augustus "Gussie" Clarke, "Anchor Recording Studio". This new track is availableon Amazon Music, ITunes, Spotify, Tidal, Apple, and so on..

His first album « Radical Fighters» (Media7 / Label Jahmin Records) was on the top of the reggae charts inFrance (with Tyrone Downie from The Wailers).He recorded his second album « Unité Universelle » (Nocturne / Label I Sound) and his third album « RastaRebel » (Nocturne / Label I Sound) between Kingston, Jamaica and Paris with theWailers, Bob Marley'smusicians (Aston Familyman Barret, Vin Gordon, Glen Da Costa, Benbow Creary) and others great musicians(Leebert Gibby Morrisson, Peter Tosh Musician, Veron Sutherland, Gladiators keyboard).

He has performed in many concerts and Festivals in France, Europe and Africa, and soon around the world.HosnyBronx's new tracks are broadcastin more than 800radios around the globe: USA, South America,Jamaica, Europa, Asia... Many articles are published in international press. Hosny Bronx is also recognized internationally by professionals in the music industry and by a very wideaudience throughout the world.Sending us a real artistic vibe – he's a true Rastaman with music who fights for peace and love between allpeoples in the world.

For all Information, check out : www.hosnybronx.com

Twitter: @truerastaman

Facebook: rockersrastaman/

Instagram: hosnybronx_official

Soundcloud: hosny-gmb

Youtube: Hosny Bronx / thereggaerockworld

Hosny Bronx Team Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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